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“[Elementor] website designs are inspiring and time savers.”
Fabio, Software Developer
“It is much more than just building a website. It is helping an individual build her career, her income.”
Shirley Ansley, Web Creator
“...A good balance between freedom to design what you want, and the flexibility...”
Mordi Levi, Owner, Mindcube
“The best thing about Elementor is the community and the great developers behind this ingenious software.”
Brandon Duncan, Owner, Regent Web Design
“The Elementor community has a truly amazing group of people who are always there, always active and always sharing tips.”
Zoe Tame, Web Designer, Australia

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The Hello theme was developed by Elementor to provide users with a flexible, lightweight design to start building their websites. It is completely compatible with the Elementor Editor and is perfectly tailored to work seamlessly with the pre-designed website kits that Elementor makes available. The Hello theme is automatically activated on your website as part of the setup process for Elementor Hosted websites.

An Elementor hosted website is perfect for web creators who want to focus on building their professional website hassle-free. This end-to-end solution gives you everything you need in one place: Managed WordPress Hosting, Elementor Pro Website Builder, Theme and Premium support, all tailored together to provide a seamless building experience and top performing websites. Additionally, it can be an excellent solution for anyone building websites for clients as it enables a straightforward handoff process and makes it easy for them to maintain.

Elementor Hosting plans include everything you need to start building your own website; fast Managed WordPress Hosting, Elementor Website Builder and Elementor Hello Theme. Including:

  • WordPress Hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • Elementor Pro Website Builder
  • Secure CDN by Cloudflare
  • Free SSL certification by Cloudflare
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Monthly visits (varying by plan)
  • Bandwidth (varying by plan)
  • Free custom domain connection
  • Free Email domain authentication
  • Free subdomain under
  • Auto backups (varying by plan)
  • Staging environment (available for some plans)
  • Premium Support for additional Members (varying by plan)

You get all the benefits of Elementor Website Builder, including the drag & drop editor, all Pro widgets, features, kits and templates. PLUS, you get support for everything, from editing to hosting, all in one place.

The Elementor plugin allows you to utilize all the amazing features offered by Elementor Pro. To use it, you will first need to purchase a hosting service with a WordPress installation and then download and install the Elementor plugin.

Our WordPress Hosting plans provide an end-to-end solution that includes all the features and benefits of Elementor Pro Website Builder along with hosting and WordPress installation, resulting in a seamless creation experience at a great value price. When building and hosting your website on Elementor you get a hassle-free experience that saves you time to spend building a beautiful website and managing all these services under one roof.

Yes, with some plans, you can definitely build more than one website! You can purchase a multi-website plan that includes up to 3 or up to 10 websites.

Absolutely, you can upgrade your current Elementor hosted website plan at any given time. You can upgrade to a higher single plan or choose a multiple website plan according to your needs.
*When upgrading, the relative value remaining in the original plan price will be deduced from  the price of the new plan.

Your website will continue to run normally. Currently we do not charge for overage, however in the future, as with many other hosting services, if you exceed your plan’s allotted resources, you will be billed for overage fees at the rate of $1 per month per 1GB in excess and $1 per month per 1,000 visitors in excess.  We will notify you at least a month in advance before we put such a policy into effect. You will be alerted if and when you consume 80% of your allotted resources.

You can upgrade from your current plan to a higher-tier plan. For any other requested change, please contact our support team. 

You can transfer your website at any time to any hosting provider, without restrictions. There are 3 main methods to export your website:

  • You can use Elementor’s Import/Export feature
  • Use WordPress’s built-in export functionality and import it to your new host.
  • You can also export and download the latest backup to your local computer and import it on your new hosting.

As Elementor hosting plans include the Elementor Website Builder Pro plugin, please note that you would need to purchase one of the Elementor Pro plugin plans so that all of your Elementor Pro features will work properly on your site with your new hosting provider.above.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe.

Absolutely not. The subscription price is charged annually. We offer a first year discount with annual renewals charged at List Price. The subscription includes all the hosting and Elementor Pro Website Builder features described above.

Currently we do not charge for overage, however in the future, as with many other hosting services, if you exceed your plan’s allotted resources, you will be billed for overage fees at the rate of $1 per month per 1GB in excess and $1 per month per 1,000 visitors in excess. 

We will notify you at least a month in advance via email before we put such a policy into effect. And you will be alerted if and when you consume 80% of your allotted resources. (Note: Make sure Elementor emails do not go into your spam folder).

Elementor Hosting has no trial period, but we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee with no strings attached.

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/month – 30 day money-back guarantee

Get this fully customizable design + Theme + Hosting + Page Builder – all in one plan.


Fully Editable

Tailor this theme to create your website, exactly the way you want.

Lightweight and Fast

Engage your visitors with lean pages that run blazingly fast.

100+ Widgets

Use dozens of widgets to edit every part of your page. No coding needed.

Responsive Design

Offer a great user experience across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.


Drag & Drop Editing

Visually edit your website with Elementor’s 100+ widgets.

Fit to Your Brand

Use fonts, colors, and images to match your design system.

Instant Preview

Get live previews of your website as you’re editing.

Change Website Design

Freely switch the design and choose another, anytime.

Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform

You’ll get maximum speed, security and reliability with the same platform that Google uses.

Ultra High Performance

Your website will be blazing fast, powered by our Cloud scalable infrastructure, ensuring fast-loading page speeds.

Extra Security Layers

You get SSL certificate and DDoS protection, including integrated security layers against malicious activities.

Fully Managed & Reliable

We take care of the infrastructure maintenance, providing you a seamless and smooth experience, with 99.9% uptime.

Super Fast CDN

With Cloudflare’s distributed Content Delivery Network, your websites load fast wherever visitors are located, even during peak traffic periods.